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 Dad Shreadded Uclips

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Landmine Univeristy Uclips

Landmine University Review


Luke's Garage Gym Review


Bill Maeda: "The reason I would happily buy this item is its versatility."
I have no deals present or pending with @uclips.co, so my review is honest and objective.

For less than $40 USD, @uclips.co are well designed, easy to use, and the build quality is exceptional.

Being able to attach kettlebells to a barbell make exercises of equivalent weight much harder.

A 100 lbs. bar loaded with conventional plates is a moderate weight for me in this exercise, but having the kettlebells constantly equalize to the pull of gravity makes it much more challenging.
Bill Maeda Uclips
Bill Maeda's Review

Kinetic Coach Dan Palacios: "Putting @theuclip through a battery of tests has been fun!"

These things can clearly hold their own and take a beating!

With 225 LBS on the end of a landmine setup and perfect pitch footing with the @weckmethod Weck Deck prototype by @thedavidweck this as fascially integrated strength and power training written all over it! I'm looking forward integrating more of this heavy pulling work into my routine!

Thanks to Eliott of @uclips.co for yet another amazing tool here at the Kinetic Training Dojo!


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FlexMarksTheSpot: "My absolute favorite way to prime my shoulders before Oly lifting: @bandbell x @uclips.co"

FlexMarksTheSpot Uclips

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Stefan Ostling: "Upgraded bodyweight work"

I’ve used the Uclips for some months now and really love the easiness of loading. For me it shines the most when upgrading your traditional body weight work like dips, pull ups and especially pushups. So easy to load those exercises and also doing drop sets. Only those things would probably be worth buying them. And there is plenty more ways of using them. And there is many more ways of using them…

Stefan Ostling Uclips
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Jo Hard Training: "Feeling great during Back Workouts!"

➡️ Rowing with different grips feels great with Uclips
✅ It allows for quick grip changes and that's what we're all looking for especially with home training

Jo Hard Training Uclips

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Pinoy Alpha: "One of my favorite gym gadgets!"

I own many little gym gadgets and attachments and by far the Uclip is one of my favorite! It’s so versatile and convenient to use when traveling. I have it with me 24/7 when I travel and use it all the time. I recommend 10/10

Pinoy Alpha Uclips

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HomeGym Jake: "Happiest I've been with my bandbell set up yet!"

It’s a match made in heaven. Those of you interested in this product combo… Don’t forget to go to my page and watch the whole video so u can see how to safely restrain the bandbell bar while loading and unloading solo!

Bandbell Uclips

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