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Versatile weightlifting clips designed to optimize your gym equipment!

  • Functionality
    • Dumbbell to Barbell Adapter 
    • Dip Belt Hook 
    • T Bar Row Grip Attachment
    • Bar to Landmine Converter
  • Compatibility
    • Hole Diameter Olympic: 2.01in / 51mm
    • Hole Diameter Standard: 1.12in / 28.5mm
    • Width: 3.94in / 100mm
    • Inner space: 2in / 50mm
    • Bowflex, Nuobells, Trulap, Iron Master, not all Powerblocks (cage width is too narrow except Sport and Pro series)
    • Weight capacity
      • 250lbs per D Ring
      • 800lbs using the main holes
    • Protective layer
      • Anti Slip
      • Soft UHMW
    • Material: Steel 
    • Steel Thickness: 0.2in /  5mm
    • Weight: 1.85lbs / 0.84kg
    • Color: Black

     Sold individually with 2 Carabiners per Uclip

    Shipping & ETA

    Ships out on the next business day and takes between 1 to 3 business days to arrive at your door.

    How it works

    Barbell clip:

    1) Hook the handle

    2) Slide the barbell through the holes

    3) Start your workout!

    Quick Hook:

    1) Clip a carabiner to either D ring on the Uclip

    2) Cip the carabiner to your attachement (dip belt, Bandbell, cable...)

    3) Hook the handle

    4) Get working!

    Barbell grip/belt clip:

    1) Clip a carabiner to each D ring on the Uclip

    2) Clip your grips or belt to the carabiners

    3) Hook the barbell shaft

    4) Get lifting!

    Product Features

    Steel Design: Built to last

    Two Carabiners Included: Optimize your training setup

    Fits Olympic Barbells: Train at the gym or at home

    Tested up to 600 lbs: Ready for the strongest athletes

    Portable: 2 lbs, 4.92 x 3.94 x 2.56 inches  [ see picture ]

    Money Back Guarantee

    You're 100% covered - if it's not for you, send it back within 90 days for a quick, no-hassle refund.


    When will Uclips ship?

    All Uclip pre-orders will ship mid February 2023.

    Do Uclips fit Olympic or Standard barbells?

    Uclips (size: Olympic 2") fit olympic sleeves. The main holes are 2.008" /51mm), Olympic sleeves are 1.96"/50mm in diameter.

    We will launch the standard (size 1") in the beginning of 2023.

    Do you ship to Europe / international?

    Currently we do not ship to europe or internationally when we do we can notify you by email. (Sign up on the home page)

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    • Dumbbell to barbell converter

      Load Barbells with Any Weight

      Use Dumbbells, Chains, and Bands on Barbells. Save space and do more with the weight you already have!

    • Bar to Landmine Converter

      Turn any bar into a landmine!

    • Use Any Grip for Landmine Rows

      Perform landmine rows with a fulll range of motion using your favorite grips!

    • Simplify Weighted Calisthenics

      Instantly hook belts to dumbells and kettlebells. No need to untie your belt when you want to change weight!